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A customer near Los Angeles, CA

“I would like to thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity to settle this debt.  You and your organization have made it possible for my family to succeed in the future. Without organizations like yours, many low-income families wouldn’t have a chance and would be stuck in the welfare system.  I appreciate your hard work and thank you again.  You’ve shown the vision that Real Time Resolutions advertises:  ‘It is our vision to work with our customers to resolve these financial obligations. We understand how difficult it can be when people, our customers, are struggling financially.’ It is a pleasure working with you!”

A customer near Reno, NV

“…I praise [her] for making this last leg of the journey an easier one and for giving me hope and faith that there really are companies out there who want you to succeed and keep your home. I am grateful for the blessing of your company and for the dedication of your [CSP]”

A customer near Jacksonville, FL

“I would like to thank [you] for your time, patience and kindness during our transition from bankruptcy. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be treated like a person instead of a number.”

A Customer from northwest Arkansas

“He was patient, courteous and diligent, and those qualities are rare. Please know that I appreciate his work.”

A Customer from North Dakota

“I really appreciate the extra time and effort she took to help me with a very stressful situation. She has a good personality for customer service issues.”

Cheryl, New Jersey

“I just want to thank you for all the effort you put into my loan and getting this issue resolved! You are truly dedicated to giving excellent customer service beyond what your position calls for. This has been such a difficult situation, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to handle my file! Please pass this on to your superiors, as I do truly appreciate everything you have done for me!”

A customer near Los Angeles, CA

“She is compassionate and has empathy for those in need and focuses her attention in helping and resolving differences. These are rare qualities found nowadays.”

Arnold B., Wisonsin

“I am humbled by the professional, understanding, and helpful way Real Time Resolutions handled my account. I can honestly say that I was treated like a family member of theirs. I had so many financial issues going on and could not pay my mortgage. Real Time Resolutions was very patient and understanding. They never threatened me or pressured me. I really appreciated that when I got on my feet all they asked me was how did I want to pay to catch up my account. Every representative was very polite and kind to me. I highly recommend Real Time Resolutions to anyone afraid of losing their home because of financial problems. Thank you Real Time Resolutions. God bless your company!”

A customer from Hawaii

“I sincerely appreciate all your help in making the [loan restructuring] possible for my sister-in-law’s second mortgage. I know as a banker it is not easy to [restructure] a loan of this nature, but you achieved an excellent result for us.”

A customer from Southern Arizona

“From the very beginning, [she] impressed me with how courteous and professional she was, and especially how efficiently she addressed all of my concerns, each and every time I called.”

Jim C., Southern California

“…Bryan said he would put in a request and get back to me, and to my surprise he did. He was helpful and a good communicator and assisted me like my problem mattered to him. Being a business owner myself, I know the value of competent employees. Just wanted you to know that you have one in Bryan.”

A customer from Colorado

“John helped me today, he was extremely nice and a caring individual. Helped me understand how everything works and what my options were. I appreciate individuals like that!”

A customer from central Florida

“…I realize it takes a special person to take care of customers and [your agent] has a heart of gold, doesn’t mind taking time out of her busy workload to make a customer feel that they are important and that what they are experiencing matters to her. Be it the stress of COVID-19, an exhausting day due to the job, a simple misunderstanding with residence life, no matter what the case may be; she has allowed me to bend her ear with a graceful attitude.”


A real estate agent from New Jersey

“I just had the best experience dealing with [RTR] regarding a Short Sale… Quick responses and really did a fantastic job. Got the approval in two days! Sure wish all Short Sales were with Real Time ! Very efficient and professional, and extremely nice and easy to deal with!”

A real estate agent

“You rate over the top in customer service by being so prompt and responsive in all your communications whether by phone or email. I truly mean that.”


A customer south of Long Beach, CA

“Their professionalism, patience, and support should be the envy of your competition. You have built a fantastic team, thank you.”

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